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Benefits of Joining Young Living in the Grade A Notes Team

Compensation Plan

Some Reasons Why You Will Want to
Consider Young Living as a Home Business

Imagine being able to . . .

  • start a business with low startup cost
  • have a business with no inventory requirements
  • supplement your income
  • build a business that you can eventually support yourself and family on
  • wake up when you feel like it, rather than a slave to your alarm clock
  • have the FREEDOM to work whatever schedule you want
  • your daily commute is just down the hall . . No more traffic!
  • spend extra time with your family.
  • own a business that you can go anywhere or live anywhere and still take your business with you
  • take advantage of Tax Benefits available to small business owners

      "There are enough deductions involved in a home business to cut the average American's taxes by as much as $5,000 or more per year." -Money Central

      "The greatest tax reduction strategy in America is to start a home based business." Jeff Schnepper, Microsoft tax expert

    There are so many reasons why a home business is

    Why Young Living is Different

    • Unique products - Made with exclusive trade secret formulations, Young Living's products set new standards of excellence. Consumers have unmatched loyalty to the products because of life-changing results.

    • Organic farms - Young Living produces essential oils from herbs grown organically on farms located in areas where no pesticides, herbicides, or harmful chemicals have been used. This contributes to products that you can feel safe using for your family. Products that will enhance your family's health.

    • Proprietary distillation - Gary Young's Proprietary distillation process results in essential oils unmatched purity.

    • Cutting-edge technology - Young Living stays at the forefront of natural health.

    • Stability - Young Living is a firmly established over ten-year-old, financially solvent company.

    • Fair and Lucrative compensation plan- Both part time distributors and full time professionals benefit.

    • Unconditional money-back guarantee

    • Effective distributor-support program

    • Integrity of the leadership - Gary Young has over 20 years experience in health science and has studied worldwide. Moreover he has built his company on Bible-based morals and values.

    • Inspired mission and vision - Gary Young's story is the most powerful in network marketing. He is a leading force in the rediscovery of the value of essential oils and other one-of-a-kind health solutions.

  • Benefits of Joining Young Living in the
    Grade A Notes Team

    Surely you will want to join Young Living as a Distributor in our team so you will have access to our massive collection of all the tools you will need to build your successful business.

  • Web site like this one with autoresponders and use of the Grade A Notes newsletter to help build your business.

    This exclusive members area has been online for and just keeps on growing with more and more exciting tools for your success.

    Features of our members only area:

    • Essential Oils Library - Articles and education about essential oils and related stuff.

    • of Archives of Grade A Notes Newsletter in two formats: The original email version and a printable Microsoft Word version that you can change the contact info and use as a tool to promote your Young Living business.

    • Massive Business Builders Area - with a goldmine of tools and instruction on many ways to build your SUCCESSFUL business both online and offline. You will have access to sample flyers, business cards, dropcards, postcards, marketing letters and other promotional tools, banner ad graphics, outlines and presentations; as well as instruction in how to effectively use all of these tools. Many business building ideas that work. Choose whatever fits your style and personality.

    • Large Audio Library with business building advice, success & motivation,
      Law of Attraction, oils related audios and much more.

    • Law of Attraction, success and motivation tools

    • Free 14 Day Training Course - As a member of our group you will have access to a business building e-course that will send an email training module every day for 14 days. This training is crammed full of detailed instruction on how to build your Young Living business both online and offline. This training works in connection with the many tools and resources you will find in the members area.

    "My goal in putting this training system together is to give you a solid direction to go when you begin building your business. Many people decide they want to build a business but have no idea what to do. These tools and marketing materials are many of the things I have used to build my successful business over the past in Young Living. I have included what has worked for me and what has not.

    The other objective is to provide a training system that you can direct your new distributors to. No matter how far down the line they are in the group, they will all have available tools for success."
                  Team Leader Melodie Kantner Certainly you will want to
    Enroll as a Young Living Distributor Now!

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